Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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Carpet cleaning is a billion dollar a year industry in the United States. Many commercial and residential cleaning companies clean carpets as a part of their business. Carpet cleaning equipment can be split into three different categories, truck mount extraction equipment, portable extraction equipment, and residential extraction cleaners. Each category is used for different applications with varying results. When purchasing carpet cleaning equipment it is important to match the machine to the types of carpet you will be doing. For professional carpet cleaners, truck mount cleaning equipment is recommended. The average commercial cleaning company that dabbles in carpet cleaning will usually buy portable equipment that can easily be moved from place to place but will stand up to repeated use. The residential consumer will usually purchase lower costing equipment that is used infrequently and is priced much less that the other two categories.

Commercial truck mount cleaning equipment is a high powered carpet extraction unit that is usually housed in a van or trailer. Truck mount cleaning equipment is usually powered by a van or truck motor or by a portable generator. These types of systems can carry their own water and cleaning solutions making them independent and extremely mobile. Truck mount cleaning equipment is the most powerful of all the types of carpet extractors. The power of carpet equipment is measured by the pounds per square inch or PSI that the water is sprayed into the carpet at. The more powerful of a spray that the piece of carpet equipment emits the cleaner the carpets will get. Another method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning works on the principal of heating water to break down grime and soil, making the carpets cleaner. Most truck mount units have built-in heaters that can super heat the water quickly making them extremely effective. With the combination of heat and PSI truck mount extraction surpasses any other method of carpet cleaning.

Portable carpet cleaning equipment units are small, lightweight and extremely maneuverable. These units can be easily transported in a minivan or truck and can be lifted up and down stairs. Portable carpet extractors have moderate to low PSI capabilities and are used primarily for spot cleaning and touch ups. Some portable units do have the capacity to heat water using electricity but are limited to lower temperatures that truck mount equipment. The two types of portable extractors are push/pull units or units that utilize a carpet extraction wand. In comparison, portable machines are about twenty-five to fifty percent less expensive than truck mount extractors and are very reasonable to operate.

Residential or consumer carpet extractors are more commonly known as steam cleaners. Common steam cleaner manufacturers include Hoover and Eureka. Consumer carpet extractors do a great job at spot cleaning and are usually priced under five hundred dollars. Most types of consumer carpet cleaning equipment work on the principle of agitating the carpet fibers and rinsing them with a water solution. These units do not have the capability to deep clean but do a sufficient job at removing visible debris. Most steam cleaners are based on the upright vacuum cleaner design and resemble these units in many ways. These units are great to have around for removing food and drink spills or if you have pets. Steam cleaners or residential types of cleaning equipment are mostly disposable units that are not meant to be repaired or discarded when they become nonfunctional. Steam cleaners and steam vacs are extremely portable and can be used easily in multi-level homes with most types weighing under thirty pounds. These units can increase the life of carpets by quickly removing debris before it is ground in and becomes a stain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cork Flooring

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Cork flooring has been gaining popularity steadily as the years continue to go by and there are certainly some very good reasons behind this. Nowadays, many office buildings, stores and even residences have cork floor fitting. There are so many things that you might probably not know about this type of floor. In fact, most people have always been a little apprehensive about installing cork tiles at their place due to many myths especially about the durability of these floors. To ensure that you have the right information about cork floors, here are answers to questions asked frequently about this floor.

Is cork flooring durable?

For reasons best known to them, most people question the durability of cork floors. Actually, this is somehow understandable considering that the floor usually have a rather soft feel but the truth of the matter is that when installed with the right cork underlayment, the last thing you need to worry about is the durability of this floor. To cut the long story short, cork floor is very durable and its durability even exceeds that of hard wood. Most importantly, cork doesn’t absorb water; it resists mildew, molds and bacteria and is also elastic. Cork is used mainly to make wine bottle stoppers and as well as making stoppers on lab for chemicals and other liquids.

Can cork floors get dents?

Actually, cork flooring can have dents but considering that this floor is elastic, you can be sure that the floor will be able to revert to its original state within a short time. This shouldn’t be mistaken to mean that the floor is indestructibly. For instance, if you place a heavy object on this floor, even temporarily, you can be sure that a dent will be formed. Once removed, the area affected will return to the original form. Placing heavy objects on this relatively soft floor for an extended period of time can result in damages with the affected area failing to recover and necessitating repair. Use of pads when placing a heavy object can help in dispersing the weight on a larger area and thus help avoid the damage.

Does cork finish peel or fade?

Cork is just a kind of wood and this means that it is prone to fading over time just like other woods. However, cork tiles usually come with some unique colors that provide more protection and this means that the cork underlayment will be able to stay for a relatively long time without fading. To protect the cork floor from the harmful effects of light, you might want to consider adding UV protection on the windows. Finally, while cork tiles are not fully scratch proof, you can easily repair the scratches if they do happen and this helps you maintain the floor in its best state.


Top Bathroom And Basement Finishing Ideas

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Some of the most remodeled rooms in a house today are the bathroom and basement. Not only can these rooms be converted into places of solitude, they can also increase the value of the home. Buyers always love well-designed spacious homes that they can easily customize to fit their taste. However, home renovations are tricky and can be quite expensive. If you you’re searching for the perfect bathroom or basement finishing idea, here are some that you’ll certainly like.

Hire a Professional

You will certainly have a few design ideas of your own, but professionals have years of training and experience in designing rooms. Best of all, they know the current trends so you won’t end up with a room that looked as if it were created centuries ago. You might be paying a bit more for their services, but you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Maximize the space, or create more

The key to well-designed room is to make it spacious, or at the very least, bigger than what it actually is. This can be accomplished by choosing the right furniture, using open shelves instead of closed cabinets, using mirrors, and a bunch of other techniques. A great basement finishing idea that is currently widely used is to maximize the height of the ceiling. Basements usually have low ceilings, but with the right design, the ceiling can appear higher than it actually is.

For bathroom remodeling projects, using recessed cabinets can actually increase the useable space. Some modern cabinet designs include accessories that enable you to maximize the use of the available space in the cabinet.

Lighting can also affect how we perceive the space in a room. A quality bathroom remodeling contractor will use the right lights at the right places to make the room seem bigger and cozier.

Make it easy to clean

A room may look perfect when newly remodeled, but if it’s difficult to clean, you might be spending more time and effort to keep it that way than it’s worth. In bathrooms, avoid using natural stone tiles as these can quickly stain. Removing the stain is a difficult task; it might even be easier to replace the tile.

An excellent basement finishing idea is to use floating cork tiles. Contrary to popular belief, cork tiles are easy to maintain and replace when needed. Basements are hardly ever touched by sunlight so you won’t have to worry about cork tiles fading. If you also consider the acoustic and insulation properties of cork, you’ll be amazed at how much these can do to enhance the beauty of the room. Some bathroom remodeling experts also recommend cork tiles as well.